23 Apr 2002 rudybrian   » (Master)

The Zaza project is picking up momentum.

After three months of software development work I was finally able to switch Zaza's second onboard computer over to Linux. There were some quirks to getting the machine working properly though. The SMP kernel/hardware combination had some trouble with two of the network cards we tried, but I eventially found one that worked properly. We couldn't get the composite NTSC video out port on the video card to sync when running under X, so the addition of a dedicated external VGA to NTSC converter was required. Last Saturday we did the first public run with the new face/voice setup made possible by the upgrade. Things went pretty well all considered.

We have been doing software tests of the Phase IV code on Saturday afternoons after the regular public demo. Slow progress is being made on the 'tour' behavior code, but we should have something usable by mid-summer.

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