14 Jan 2002 rudybrian   » (Master)

I finally had a chance to clean up the map image rendering routines in Zaza's map applet yesterday. Rather than rendering the map directly to the on-screen canvas after each position update, the canvas is double-buffered for a small speed increase. This should help to localize the source of the reported memory leak in one of the applets.

I spent last Friday working on automating the startup of the Phase III/IV applications and servers. Since two machines are involved, and the startup of some of the servers can be quite lengthy I will be moving the CGI back-end of the control interface to the offboard server. Fortunately this machine has a modern Perl version, so I can clean up the Apache CGI interface.

poslibtcx still has some bugs relating to arrival at goals. Occasionally goal arrival is not registered, and the planner gets out of sync with poslib. I need to update the 'reached goal' routine to correct this, and only allow a single execution at arrival. After these issued have been stabilized, I will stub-in routines, to stop, turn to the goal (or audience) and deliver an informational monolog.

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