17 Aug 2001 rudybrian   » (Master)

Moving ahead...

The 8/16 localizer test went almost flawlessly. Zaza was able to navigate sucessfully between any point in the lower atrium and Explorations gallery (see map). During the test there were many people in the area in near proximity to the robot. They caused the planner to make many slight course corrections, and eventually reached the intended destination. There was one minor collision noticed during testing with an obstacle that was not fully visible to the laser during the scan. The planner plotted a route too close to the object, and the robot skimmed it once, but corrected when the IRs or bumper switch registered the collision.

I was unable to test the latest web control Java applet while in the museum due to an unrelated software problem with the development workstation. Later in the evening I did a trial run in the office building with a small map with three goals I was able to verify goal voting functionality end-to-end. Client votes are tallied on a per host basis to allow an unlimited number of clients to vote on a destination. The voting schema at present choses destination with votes >= the mean number of votes and sends them to the planner.

Good stuff... Hopefully you folks will be able to try it out for yourself not too long from now.

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