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I finally got a chance to update the Zaza info page for this month's developments.

I have made a great deal of progress on Zaza's 'reaction' module in the last two weeks. This module should provide a much greater level of interactivity between Zaza and the museum visitors. I am currently planning another public test next Thursday (May 31st) to evaluate the new features.

16 May 2001 (updated 16 May 2001 at 21:04 UTC) »

I posted a few new pictures of Zaza chatting with the Girlscouts during the 5/4 camp-in at the Tech on the main Zaza website. SFRSA member Cliff Thompson posted a few on the events section of his club's website after the HBRC/SFRSA 'Meet Zaza' get together. I was able to get a few pics of HBRC member Camp Peavey's Springy Thingy after the event.

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