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Got a $1 solar calculator from WalMart. I get 1.5V from the solar cell at the batery connectors. WooHoo! I'll have to go back for a dozen more. Sure beats the $4 I paid RadioShack for 0.55V.

Working on a FLED solar engine. Since I just had the 0.55V clinker I was trying to run the thing on 2 D cell batteries. My motor (salvaged from a 35mm camera) started up with 3V, seems like the speed changed as the FLED fired and the light was flashing on and off :*( . Tried different resistors, no luck. So I put in a pot voltage divider. No luck with that. The 'always on' range overlapped the 'wailing like a banshee' range. So I'll try the new power cell (from the above calculator), but I may need to find a different motor (hmm, got another camera at home...)

Oh yeah, 250V can give you quite a jolt! Be careful if you open a camera with a built in flash!

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