19 Feb 2004 roschler   » (Master)

Pardon the bump, I didn't know only one diary entry shows per member.
I have built a phpBB2 forum for use by Robots.net members

only. I talked to steve about letting the members know about it and he liked the idea. You can find it here:


I am keeping the forum private to keep out spammers. The recent attack on our diary system seems to confirm this as a good decision.

You need to register first so you can be granted access to the forum; all registrations will be hand approved. Use the following as your username/handle or your registration will not be valid:

Use your Robots.net handle, followed by the underscore character ("_"), followed by the handle of the first person that certified you as shown on your bio page.. For example, in my case that would be "roschler_steve". You username will be fixed (i.e., appended name removed) once you are approved.

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