2 Sep 2007 roschler   » (Master)

I recently added Skype support to Robodance 4, my free software program for WowWee robot owners. It will be released at the end of November 2007. This is the version that also has WiiMote support. I made a video that shows my Skype enabled Roboquad, who is wearing a wireless camera and microphone, to patrol my house and beam audio and video back to my laptop. My laptop is connected remotely over the Internet, via a Skype video call, to my home computer. My home computer is running Robodance 4. This means I can dial into my house from anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection and patrol my house with my Roboquad, using just my voice to control it.

I've also updated my web site with a whimsical page on Samsung's RFID enabled Refrigerator. Although quite not a robot, it's the first refrigerator with A.I! It monitors your inventory levels of food and alerts you when you are getting low on various items.

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