15 Nov 2004 roschler   » (Master)

Latest project updates:

I dug up my old P5 Virtual Reality glove which has: 5 finger bend sensors, X/Y/Z position tracking, Pitch/Roll/Yaw tracking, and 3 buttons. You can get a P5 from EBay for dirt cheap these days.

I downloaded their SDK and now I am working on controlling my 6 "jointed" Robix robotic arm with the glove. The P5 works great and I am already generating movement in the robotic arm by moving the glove. I figure it will take about a week or two to get the glove-to-arm movement mapping to where I want it to be.

Also, just a reminder that the Robots.net forum is available for you to talk with your fellow roboteers. Here's the link:

Robots Forum


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