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The Robosapien RS Media robot from WowWee Toys has just launched but only in UK based department store Debenham's. It will begin wider distribution after October 21. It does indeed run an embedded form of Linux. However, some of the software that is used to customize the robot runs only on PC's running Windows XP.

It looks like the Robosapien RS Media, the next version of the Robosapien after the current V2, will have 50 MB of onboard memory for videos. It should be fun to stuff some "talkie" MPEG's on it and run it around the house!

I'll have some more information on it on the EvoSapien site soon.

Hey all. Now that the WowWee's Roboreptile has been released I'll be blogging about it on my new Roboreptile Review blog. It's not available in the USA yet but should be soon.

Interesting note about the Pleo. It will have a software SDK so that programmer types can create new personalities for it and download them to the built-in SD card. I can't wait to give that a spin! More info is available on my blog for the Pleo. Visit the Pleo forum to talk about this and other Pleo related topics.

For those of you like myself who are anxiously awaiting the Pleo dinosaur robot, you should know that the release date has been pushed back from Q3 of this year to Q4. More info is available on my blog for the Pleo. Visit the Pleo forum to talk about this and other Pleo related topics.

I've decided to create a whole new forum for the UGoBe Pleo instead of just a sub-forum so please vist my new Pleo forum if you have questions. My blog on the Pleo is now updated too.

Hello everyone,

If you haven't heard, Caleb Chung who is the inventor of the Furby is coming out with a brand new adorable robot called Pleo. Come by my Pleo forum and let's talk about it or you can follow my blog on the Pleo.

I've recently added a forum section dedicated to hacking the Roomba vaccum cleaner (and it's competitors once they start to appear). Please visit the Roomba & Competition forum section and share your hacks. My current hack will be a custom modification of the Bluetooth control hack recently covered in Make Magazine's blog. This is the hack that adds a wireless interface to the (newer) Roomba's serial interface, as seen on the Make Magazine blog.

Here's the link to the main Robots.net forum .

Hey everyone. Here's a new video of the new Pleo dinosaur robot from Ugobe.

Come by the Robots.net forum if you want to discuss it.

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Just a reminder to everyone to visit the Robots.net forum.

I am very interested in updates or corrections having to do with the release dates of the the new Robosapien RS Media, P-Bot and Roboreptile robots shown at the 2006 Consumer Electronics show by WowWee Toys International.

Also, if you're thinking of buying a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, here's a page that summarizes all 141 Amazon reviews on Roomba.

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