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I just got a Sharper Image Robosapien V2. The controller has 3 shift keys! I am currently working on voice control for the V2 via Robosapien Dance Machine, which should make the unit a lot more fun to interact with and control.

For my the Robosapien V2 fans/owners out there. I've started a blog called the Robosapien V2 Review. The blog will be chock full of updates concerning the latest hacks, tips and tricks for the Robosapien V2 robot.

Anybody get their Alive Chimpanzee heads yet? I just found out mine is on backorder until 11/15/2005 and that's the potential ship date.

I've started a forum section for Animatronic Chimpanzee owners to talk about their projects. Please visit.

Picked up a Robopet recently. It's actually pretty clever and even has a small amount of learning capability. I am a bit saddened that there is no easy way to gain access to it's sensors so I could read the data into a PC and control the robot using homebrew AI routines; but it is definitely a quality unit and a lot of fun.

If you want to chat about, come visit the Robots.net discussion forum.

Hello folks,

Been out of the loop for quite a while. But proud to say that my open source project that controls Robosapien robots was called the "Gold Standard" for PC control Robosapien software in Jamie Samans new book "The Robosapien Companion".

Thanks and don't forget to visit the Robots.net forum.

If anybody has any great Robosapien videos or photos, John Hopkins would like to know about them. John Hopkins is Mark Tilden's cousin and is making a documentatry about Mr. Tilden.

There's been quite a bit of discussion about the Roboraptor on the EvoSapien forum. If you're interested, come vist.

Nothing new to report. I've gearing up to try to do stereo sound identification on my Robosapien V1. I took two electret condenser mics and put them on Robo's head pointing in opposite directions; basically a pair of "ears". Something to do while I wait for the Roboraptor to become available here in the USA.

If you like Robosapien or Roboraptor robots, stop the Evosapien Robosapien & Roboraptor hacks web site.

Don't forget to visit the Robots.net discussion forum.

Just saw a short movie on the WowWee Toys animatronic chimp head. I'm dying to get my hands on that thing. It'll cost about $129 and will be programmable, along with having it's own preprogrammed behaviors.

If anybody wants to discuss this, come over to the Robots.net forum and post in the animatronic section.

Waiting very impatiently for Mark Tilden's Roboraptor robot. Unlike the original Robosapien which only had simple touch sensors, the Roboraptor has stereo sound sensors and dual infrared sensors. That's enough to keep me happy for quite a while.

If anyone has a real slick way to get the information from those sensors and transmit them wirelessly to a PC, please let me know by posting a message at the Robots.net forum. Thanks.

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