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Yesterday I released the first version of Robosapien Dance Machine with Voice Control (Version Alpha - 2.0.1). You can now control a Robosapien with just your voice. The software still has all the original powerful scripting abilities for creating Robosapien movies, dances, and performances.

What's really great is that the voice recognition is being provided by the wonderful CMU Sphinx 3.5 speech recognition engine.

You can find a movie of my Robosapien responding to my voice commands here:

Robosapien Dance Machine - Home Page

You can find the Robosapien Dance Machine files here:

Robosapien Dance Machine at SourceForge

Technical support for the program can be received here:

Evosapien Forums

It's an Alpha version so it's most likely still got some wrinkles in it. I'd appreciate a bug report if you find any problems. Currently it requires the superb USB UIRT from

Jon Rhees:


I'm going to devote the month of April to supporting more infrared transmitters, especially some cheaper ones, as many of you have requested.

Robert Oschler
Robosapien Dance Machine

The work on Robosapien Dance Machine, our Open Source free program to control a Robosapien Robot, is completed. Sometime today or tomorrow, the Alpha version will be available on SourceForge. You can see some screenshots and find out what it does by viewing the help documentation which I have put online.

As always, please stop by the Robots.net discussion forum to talk about this or any other robot related project.

My latest project is to make an airboat using a Lego Mindstorms RCX computer and some propeller fans. I got the propeller fans off of an old "UFO" toy I had; which was a big helium balloon with two radio controlled DC powered fans attached to it.

Unfortunately the RCX is too heavy to be a blimp; the helium balloon can't hold it up. But I figure that if I put the RCX in a small boat with the two fans attached in the rear, it should make a pretty good airboat. I'll be attaching a wireless video transmitter to the boat too.

Don't forget to visit the Robots.net forum.

For those of you trying to access the Robosapien Robot Movie, wait a day or two. I'm changing ISP's at the moment. When the change is done, the link will be valid again.


Hey everyone, my Robosapien Robot Movie is ready for download. Have fun.

Please stop by the Robots forum if you would like to chat about the movie, or anything else to do with robotics

The movie I am making with my Robosapien robots is almost ready. I have opened up a SourceForge project for the software I created to make scripting the Robosapien's dance moves easier. I used this software to help create the video.

There are no files yet, but there will be soon after the movie is released. I am calling the software the Robosapien Dance Machine. It will be a GPL project. Here is a link to the Open Source Robosapien dance software project.

Please stop by the Robot forum if you would like to chat about this, or anything else to do with robotics.

The Robosapien Genetic Programming experiment is going well. I came up with a pretty good method for creating the initial population of dances. The trick with Genetic Programming, as it is with Genetic Algorithms, is coming up with heuristics to drastically narrow down the "search space". In my case, this means finding ways to increase the possibility that the dances that "evolve" have a higher chance of being an interesting series of dance moves rather than not.

Please stop by the Robot forum if you would like to chat about this, or anything else to do with robotics.

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My latest project is a fun one for the holidays. I am using Genetic Programming techniques to have my Robosapien learn how to dance. I found a place that sells a really easy to program infrared transceiver, so I now have full control over my Robosapien from my Windows PC. I'm still in the early stages of development, but you can read more about it using the link above.

Robosapien price alert for some areas of the United States.

Bed, Bath, & Beyond has a 20% off coupon in the most recent weekend major newspapers (11/21/2004). Combine that with their store price of $69 and you can get a Robosapien for only $55! I got a coupon from a neighbor who had it and picked one up today. Actually it's my second. :) I got my first one at Sharper Image for $89.


Don't forget that the Robots.net forum is available for you to talk with your fellow roboteers. Here's the link:

Robots Forum

Latest project updates:

I dug up my old P5 Virtual Reality glove which has: 5 finger bend sensors, X/Y/Z position tracking, Pitch/Roll/Yaw tracking, and 3 buttons. You can get a P5 from EBay for dirt cheap these days.

I downloaded their SDK and now I am working on controlling my 6 "jointed" Robix robotic arm with the glove. The P5 works great and I am already generating movement in the robotic arm by moving the glove. I figure it will take about a week or two to get the glove-to-arm movement mapping to where I want it to be.

Also, just a reminder that the Robots.net forum is available for you to talk with your fellow roboteers. Here's the link:

Robots Forum


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