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Anybody else seen this story on NASA's astrobiology robot? Here's the link:

C|Net article

Vote for you favorite "famous" robot over at the Robots.net forum. (Thank to "icurite" from The Open Site project for the idea). Use the link below:

Famous Robot Poll


17 Jul 2004 (updated 17 Jul 2004 at 16:41 UTC) »

Slashdot has an interesting post about a web sites that have free software that assist you in designing a robot part or other electronics item.

Slashdot article.


8 Jul 2004 (updated 9 Jul 2004 at 19:31 UTC) »


Please use the Robots.net forum! I see many of you still asking questions through diary posts and having ad hoc conversations this way.

The forum is free, there are no advertisements or pop-ups, it's only purpose is to encourage communication between Robots.net forum members.

Here's the link:

Robots.net forum

If there is anything you would like to see added to the forum, just post a message on the forum stating your desire!

ADDENDUM: I have just started a poll on a new web site idea for the exchange of parts and talents between roboticists. Please come by and vote on the idea! Poll for Online Robot Swap Meet Idea.

Thanks, Robert

What would people here think of a web site where you could offer robot parts or expertise (help) in trade for other robot parts or expertise? Searchable by keyword, etc. Sort of like a digital open air swap meet for roboteers. There would be no charge for using the site.



Thanks for the videos! I'll never get tired of videos by real robotics enthusiasts.

My favorite is the one where your robot stands up.


Why aren't you using Linux?

Just curious.


Just wanted to let others know that I've been given editor status for the Robotics category at the The Open Site Encyclopedia. Just getting started so it's kind of empty right now, but please stop by in a month or two.

Have you all seen Robosaurus? I got this link off of SlashDot. It's pretty amusing:



Hello all,

I have changed the registration restrictions on the Robots.net forum from "PRIVATE" to "REGISTERED".

As long as you register with a valid e-mail address you get immediate access to the board. All existing members are still fully qualified.


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