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Why aren't you using Linux?

Just curious.


Just wanted to let others know that I've been given editor status for the Robotics category at the The Open Site Encyclopedia. Just getting started so it's kind of empty right now, but please stop by in a month or two.

Have you all seen Robosaurus? I got this link off of SlashDot. It's pretty amusing:



Hello all,

I have changed the registration restrictions on the Robots.net forum from "PRIVATE" to "REGISTERED".

As long as you register with a valid e-mail address you get immediate access to the board. All existing members are still fully qualified.


Chris (c6jones720),

You now have member access to the Robots.Net forum:


Thanks for registering!

Has everybody seen the recent news alert on the latest e-Mail virus? I have placed a copy of the article on my web site. This ones borrows techniques from the nanobot field.


Got any really cool pictures of your robot?

Hello all. I have just started my blog for interesting Robot News. If any of you have any really great pictures of your robots, or some hot news, please let me know about it.

You can message me using the following e-mail address:


Just remove the CAPS and the dashes in the e-mail address.

Even better would be if you would drop by the forum and leave a message (registration is required, use your Robots.Net member name as your user name):



To botnerd,

I just gave you access to the Robots.Net private forum. Thank you for signing up!.

I also wanted to let you know that the link to your LineRider project in your Robots.Net personal page is broken. There are some spaces and a percent sign trailing the link's href attribute(URL).

The board is very slow now but as more people sign up that will change.

I've been thinking of setting up a database where Robots.Net members could swap parts, and leave entries in the database for their favorite robot parts and parts suppliers. Sort of a local trading bazaar for the roboticists here, or an information source for people looking for a particular servo or interface.

Does anybody like the idea?


28 Feb 2004 (updated 28 Feb 2004 at 13:37 UTC) »

Chris Phoenix from the Nanotechnology discussion board was kind enough to give me this nanobot link:


It's a very detailed report on the uses and challenges nanobots will face, performing nanomedicine tasks in the real world. The linked page is a table of contents consisting of topical links. Each link leads to an in-depth exposition on one of the various facets, or molecular component characteristics, of nanomechanical devices and their physical properties.

The author is the reknowned scientist Robert A. Freitas Jr.

Here are my two favorite links:

- Nanorobot Communications Requirements
- Dental Walking

If I had to choose a favorite it would be the second link because it discusses the challenges and the dangers a nanobot would face in navigating teeth in the human mouth.

How about that? Drink a glass of nanobots and never visit the dentist again!


Hello all,

I've got a question working on the Robots.net forum.

I'm looking for the best kit/bot programmable by a Windows/Linux PC. If someone could join in the thread and give me some good information, I'd appreciate it:

What's the best kit/bot for a PC guy?


20 Feb 2004 (updated 20 Feb 2004 at 03:58 UTC) »

Bumping again. It's cold and lonely at the forum. :)
I have built a phpBB2 forum for use by Robots.net members only. I talked to steve about letting the members know about it and he liked the idea. You can find it here:


I am keeping the forum private to keep out spammers. The recent attack on our diary system seems to confirm this as a good decision.

You need to register first so you can be granted access to the forum; all registrations will be hand approved. Use your Robots.net handle as your username or I won't know if you're a valid user.

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