9 Feb 2006 robotvibes   » (Master)

I have been tearing down UltraMega to do some cleanup on its chassis, and overall presentation. The white plastic cover is peeled off, and now its body is all transparent. The body panels still need some smoothing out from the fresh cuts of the jigsaw.

I also have to double check some wiring, since there may be a loose connection in the battery charging wires.

I am also thinking about revising the height of the overall robot, and making it taller. So I am experimenting with some 24" threaded rods to add other decks, and components.

There is still some docs that need electronic conversion, and will add these to the Downloads section. I will finish these maintenance tasks soon, and back to the bump sensors for the lower chassis, and more. Pictures will follow soon, as I just purchased a new 5.2 MP digital camera that takes nice pics. Stay tuned....

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