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OK..back in action. After Hurricane Wilma came through, I didn't have any electricity, or phone service so I was unable to post an update. So now that things are returning to normal, I can continue with UltraMega.

I was able to mount the bump sensors on the chassis, and it seems like it will work fine. I am using a strip of transparent vinyl tubing with the music wire inserted inside. The tubing is wrapped around the front of the chassis, and also covers the left and right sides for the front end.

The internal wire will be connected to ground, and small strips of wire inserted through the tubing will be the Normally Closed (NC) contact, of the bump switches. Tinkering, and some rudimentary testing yielded successful results, as the music wire created a spring-like effect, and the tubing allowed some shock absorbtion.

When I am done with mounting the assembly, I will be connecting it up to the debounce cct, and testing the response. The schmitt trigger ICs should clean up the signal also, which will be sent to the interrupts of the AVR. The microswitches will also be added, but I am still noodling their correct placement.

I have also moved the IR sensors up to the 2nd deck. The left and right sensors are positioned to detect objects within their respective field of views. The front sensor is mounted on a stepper motor that will scan the "blind spots" of the left/right sensors.

An updated schematic, and pics will be added to the site soon. Stay tuned....Peace!

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