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New Projects and Updates


It’s been awhile, but I have been really busy on various projects, and learning lots of new things. I have some new projects in the works, and have some updates.  I have been working on getting better at PCB Design and Etching process, that we learned at the TLN Makerspace.  It took a few tries, but I have the process down pat now.  Learning the parts layout, and size of traces, and many times of re-routing and autorouting traces, was tedious, but well worth it. There will be some evidence of that work on this site.

I’ve also come around to making progress on another robot platform I’ve had over the years…the chain-drive, copper frame robot, which is now named, “Rogue”. I will show some pics of it’s current setup.  I’m at the stage now of making it run around doing motion control routines, and also adding an IR Sensor for it to avoid obstacles.  I wrote some test code on my custom designed BB Arduino, and it is working, except the sensor has a bit of a wiring issue. I’ve fixed these before, so I’ll get it done, and post update about Rogue’s progress.

I’ve also got another project on the go. It’s a tank robot, that Rik, of the TLN, printed for me using the MakerBot 3D Printer. It’s out of ABS plastic, and green neon with black treads. Really Badass!  We had the opportunity to attend a ComicCon convention called FloridaSuperCon, and wanted to have some other bots on display, but I didn’t get it done in time. I just finished adding some voltage regulators,  1 variable, and another fixed 5v. The variable is for the motors from 9v to about 5v or so…and the 5v fixed is for the logic ICs (micro, etc.). I tested the motors using 12v, and 5v, and made a video of it. This maybe seen below.  I will be mounting the boards and doing a couple more motion tests, then on to sensors. It’s essentially using the same code as Rogue right now. I will post updates about this soon.

I’ve completed a few PCB boards, and they are working well. They are the BB Arduino, Low Power Motor Driver, board for Quadrature Encoder/IR Sensors, a combination board for Motor Driver and Quadrature Encoder/IR sensors, and some other “experiments”.  My latest design, is a power regulator board, and seems to be working quite well.

I have just finished a couple other bare bones Arduino for other projects, and motor controller. I’m working on the design on the LM298 Motor Controller board for some heavier duty motors, for the Boat project.

More updates soon.

GTank: TankBot Motor Test Video

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