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Projects Galore


I’ve been working on several projects since my last real post. It’s overdue for an update, and it has certainly been interesting.  I had setup a CVS Server, to house my software projects. However, since I’ve been using SVN at work, and that has been the evolution from CVS, or maybe GitHub.  So I have been setting up a remote SVN Server for my robotics and other project codes. The server has been setting up, but been playing around with hardening the Server (ie. Firewall, etc.).  I’m still playing around with the settings, and testing, but I’m almost there, and will be fully functional real soon.

I have been experimenting with the GPS Module I have acquired, and the sensors for Max (ie. Ultrasonic/IR).  It has been fun.  I’ve also been experimenting with the Odometry sensors, on a test jig, and tuning the ccts.  Some other experiments are with Linux, and Android as they may apply to Robotics.

I have also created a couple of Arduino boards, and playing around with how small I can build it. If I have some sort of SMD or QFN Package, that would be cool. It’s fun, and more like a challenge, but…been there, done that. So maybe I’ll create a PCB prototype, or just modify my prototype AVR board to accommodate the Arduino design. You can check my latest prototypes in the HERE.

The Sun Bots Site is being redesigned, and will also have more updated pictures and info, pertaining to the latest, of the latest…There are a few features in mind, and some new directions I want to take the group/club, but we’ll see…

At The Learned Nerd (TLN) Makerspace, we are looking into working on some other projects, including Guitar Amp, Arduino projects, Odometry, Metal Detectors, and lots more.

Sensor Fusion, Machine Learning, Algorithms, AI, Robotics for several new applications, etc…There are lots more in the works, but that’s all for now. I will update again soon…ABCYA!  Hope you’ll come back soon…y’here?

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