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Odometry and Wheel issues


I’ve been working on fixing up the odometry encoders, since the signal on the scope are not optimal. There are several issues that I’m facing.

I’m experimenting with some other techniques of mounting the IR Sensors, to get the Quadrature signal.  We’ll see how that goes…

I’ve also redesigned the encoder wheel for 30 counts/rev, to make it easier on the Interrupt processing, as well as maybe getting a better signal from the sensors.

Another task I’m experimenting with is using the motor drive command to set a flag for the direction.  This is not as clean and pure, where the direction would be indicated by the quadrature encoder channel B on the wheel.  But this maybe a workaround until I can get the quadrature working properly, and move onto other things (code, sensors, etc.).

Would like to do a better mounting for the wheel onto the motor, quite possibly a machine cut hub, as on UltraMega.  I’ll experiment with this as well.

I’ve been adding some code from UltraMega, to Max, since they are similar.  So soon enough, Max will be more advanced, and moving onto better tasks.

Will give updates on the progress…maybe vids of some experiments…so stay tuned!

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