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XBee/Uart/Robot Test

This is a demo of the XBee connected to the atmega8 micro sending data back to the Laptop.  The code is being flashed/programmed by the USB connected AVRISP MKII ISP Programmer, connected to the micro board.

All the code does is continuously send a counter value back from the micro to the Laptop.  This is an example of how I would be monitoring data back from the robot, such as Odometry, various Status messages, etc.

Another capability of the Xbee/Zigbee devices is that they have their own I/O pins which may toggled to add more I/O functionality to the robot.

There’s more exciting things to come…so please stay tuned for more…

BTW: This is Pakistani music in the background…Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – yeh jo halka halka saroor ha.  Please Enjoy!

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