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Xbee with Arduino/AVR

I’ve been experimenting with the Xbee Modules, and the Arduino board, and have had good results, almost out of the box.  Other than setting up the Xbee’s with the same IDs, that is about it.  There is one Xbee connected to the laptop via a USB Interface Board (from Sparkfun), and the other Xbee is attached to the Arduino via the Regulator Board (also from Sparkfun).

I opened the Arduino IDE, loaded and compiled the SoftSerial code, then opened 2 serial terminals for 2 different com ports.  After uploading the code, then typing in the XBee attached to the Arduino, the data can be seen on the other terminal for the PC.

So, this is mainly to get telemetry data back from the robot, and maybe later do some controls as well.

I have also connected another XBee to the robot’s controller, and sending data out the UART, but for some reason, I am not receiving any data.  So I am working on this portion, troubleshooting, and checking different things.  I know it is working, as I have attached a Max233 board to the RX/TX pins of the micro, and I am getting data.

There really shouldn’t be much difference with using the Arduino board, and a stand-alone AVR board/robot controller.  So I will be working on this, and hopefully get it working soon. Stay tuned…

Here is a pic of the XBee boards (no arduino yet) I am using.

Just the XBee Boards

Just the XBee Boards

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