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It's been awhile, but i've been working on a few things. The robotics club has been getting off the ground, and I had to work on some other tasks such as the website, making flyers, posting in different places, promoting, etc. Also been working on finding a better place to meet. There aren't many people in the club at this time, eventhough some have shown interest in the past, but interest has dwindled. Therefore, more promotions and leg work are needed. In time, we will build our membership, and the new location may also be better exposure.

I've also been helping a member getting parts, to build a robot chassis. He has a Basic Stamp Board, and is starting to learn, and doing some experiments.

I ordered some samples for the club from Atmel in their AVR microcontroller line. I have been using these for about 2-3 yrs now, and I enjoy working with them for their free tools, ease of use, and features. So I will also put together some workshops/tutorials for the club, on how to use these controllers.

Progress in terms of actual hands-on work, on UltraMega has halted for the moment, however I have been doing research on fuzzy logic and neural networks. Very interesting stuff, and I'm excited in implementing these algorithms for UltraMega. More about that another time.

On the other hand, I've been working on a sort of promotional robot called "HyperBot", for kids who may be interested in the robotics club. There are some pics in the club gallery showing its current state, however, I am currently working on the AVR controller. I will probably add a project page on this site. More about this another time.

Any ways, I'll update again real soon...

- robotvibes

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