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I have been involved in starting up a local robotics club, South Florida Robotics Society (Sunbots). The website is basic right now, but will be updated real soon.

We had a meeting last week, and it was good. I was expecting more people to show up, but 3 of us got together and did a show and tell of projects, skills, and vision of the club. Some passers by seemed interested, I explained what we're doing, and then signed them up for more info.

The meeting was held in the parking lot of a local RC Hobby shop, and they had a race later that day, so they were on the track(parking lot) practicing. It was noisy and irritating after awhile, eventhough we didn't want to leave so we can continue talking about robotics.

We are trying to find a place we're we can hold the meetings, and also to begin working on our projects like 'Robot Builder's Day/Night Out' (RBNO/RBDO), similar to what other clubs are doing. We will be doing more promotions including flyers, reaching out to the public for more interest, like a membership drive.

We concluded that I will be the President (acting), for now, and they will have other roles.

We are planning on having another meeting maybe this wknd, and another next wk. Will keep you posted, and if anyone's interested, you may contact us at our website.

- robotvibes

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