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I designed the debouncing cct for the bump sensor in OrCad. I am also experimenting with some microswitches and piano wire for the front chassis, along with a thin strip of Lexan for the bottom of the chassis.

I have lots of documentation roughly written on paper(schematics, charts,etc.), so it needs to organized and converted to electronic form. I will also have them available here as well.

For robotvibes.com, I am planning on installing a picture gallery for the robots, and change around the look a bit.

26 Sep 2005 (updated 26 Sep 2005 at 18:49 UTC) »


I have mounted the controller power and reset switches on the 2nd level. Once the panels are mounted, the switches should be exposed just enough to toggle on/off or push reset on the controller.

I also finished up the AVR controller, and it is also installed. A quick interface test with the PonyProg yielded successful results, as the code is read/flashed. Next on the list: Bump sensors, Odometry, Light Seeking/Avoidance behaviors, and more...

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