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I have built 66 robots to date. See I have programmed in Algol, Fortran, Cobol, APL, Forth, Pascal, Basic(lots of versions), Logo, Prolog, C, Java, Assembler(several processors), (I've probably forgotten some). Quester was 'another runner up in Robotics Age's competition for the Jan/Feb 1982 issue. In the early 80s I was Consultant Editor for Practical Robotics as well as writing numerous construction articles. I have had published several conference-papers on robotics. In 1982 I designed Zeaker sold by Colne Robotics Ltd. In 1984 I designed Zero-2 sold by Intergalactic Robots Ltd. I designed the Shadow Biped and Shadow Liberator. I specialise in theatre special effects, animatronics and robotics. I designed the range of robot kits sold by Milford Instruments, Alex, BigFoot, TecFoot, Ambler TecArms and Hextor. BigFoot evolved into Toddler by Parallax. Lately I have built animatronic figures with silicone skins, and the Cycler robots. Apart from the Shadow Group in London the only person I knew in England who makes robots is Roger Starnes. Sadly Roger died.


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