24 Apr 2003 roboteq   » (Master)

The controller has been selling briskly since mid-march. User feedback has been phenomenal.

More interestingly, users came up with clever suggestions, many of which have already been added, others are in the drafting board. Some examples:

- Add an analog input so that the motors can be controlled using an analog joystick. Done!

- Add means of monitoring external component temperature or battery voltage. Done!

- Add position mode for creating ultra high torque Jumbo Servos. Done and working well!

- Add Closed Loop speed control using tachometer feedback. Working!

- Add mean of plotting in real-time on a PC the R/C joystick capture to monitor quality and range of received pulsed. Done!

- Add way of attaching multiple controller to a single serial port. Coming Soon!

The manual is now 130 pages long. The web site has been refreshed.

Please come to www.roboteq.com and let me know how to make the controller even better.


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