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Thank you to the many of you who commented on Roboteq's new motor controller. This was very encouraging after all the work that went into this design.

Some of you said that there may not be enough Amps. With some extra testing and sofware tweaking it will now deliver up to 120 controlled Amps (up from 60A in the original spec).

I also thought of adding sensors for motor temperature and a few other improvements.

Please come back to check it out at www.roboteq.com and let me know what you think. Good ideas are always welcome.


While this may sound like a cheap commercial, I have recently completed work on a motor controller to which I have given my best nights and week-ends for the past many months. See www.roboteq.com

The project grew out of a sincere desire to do something "better" than anything else, particularly if one is interested in creating robots with more brains and AI capabilities.

I am curious to hear what the experts in this forum think of it. Since the unit can be easily reprogrammed (even after is has been shipped in the field) I am also looking for features ideas that I could add to make it even better.

Cheers Cosma

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