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All my robots have left the dojo and found new homes, but after being off-line for 6 years the website as it was back in 2004 is now back and can be seen at Robotdojo website at telerover.com.

Two of my largest robots, Flexy-Flyer and Pro-AM (Kumite) have been donated to the University of Colorado, Boulder, for the use of their Computer Science and Engineering Students. Flexy became a robotics platform for an autonomous senior project called "Smart Roverat CU's 2003 Capston Expo. It currently resides at the University of Michigan. Pro-Am is being outfitted for similar functions. My robotic platforms save the students time, so they can concentrate on electronic, software and artificial intelligence issues rather than deal with the mechanical aspects of robotics.

Both bots are expecting honorary degrees. ;o)

A side note, I've been collecting slide rules for a while and you can view my collection and on-line museum at International Slide Rule Museum. It is now one of the world's largest on-line collections.

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