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Critter Crunch was held in Denver Colorado on Oct 20, 2002. We submitted 4 entries in the 2 pound critter class and one entry in the 20 pound critter class. The event was run sumo style where bots needed to push the opponent of the 8 foot square platform. Me-Me-Me won second in the 20 lb class, here's a picture of one of the matches. The 1 pound little guys on the floor are the other 2/3's of Me-Me-Me which helped bring it up to 20 Lbs.

Tandem won 2nd overall in the 2 lb'ders. Our multibot critter combo of Blizzard and Tinbender, both weighing 1 pound each, pulled out a third in the 2 pound class, losing to Tandem. The matchup.

For an event report and lots of pictures, go to Critter Crunch 2002 at the Robotdojo

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