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10 Sep 2002 (updated 11 Sep 2002 at 20:09 UTC) »

I had a problem with using a Hitec dual conversion FM receiver (modified for 75MHZ surface frequency) on Wedgeward-HO. Everytime the bot would lose the transmitter link, or when first powered up, the IFI Victor 883 ESC's would detect a signal from the receiver and would momentarily send motion signals to the motors. This was especially damaging to the lifting wedge weapon motor, as the wedge would go to end-of-travel (no limit switches) and cause the motor(taken from a battery powered drill) to stall. Enough of those and the motor(s) went bad. It also would cause a safety violation at the competition. I replaced the Hitec FM with a Futaba 75 Mhz PCM receiver last night and the problem went away. I was warned by a fellow engineer who builds helicopters that the cheaper Hitec's were noisy, but thought I could get away with it. Nope.

4 Sep 2002 (updated 15 Mar 2010 at 22:20 UTC) »

The next competition that I'll be heading toward is Botbash in Tempe, AZ, where I'll be competing with three bots that were built in the last four weeks. A 1 pound Antweight, called Tin bender (competed at MURC), a 30lb entry called Wedgeward-HO, and a 120 lb middleweight called Full Frontal Fulcrum. These are all basic wedges or in the case of Wedgeward-HO, a lifting wedge. These bots, with the aid of an adrenaline/testesterone jucied-up human must move a ball, capture a cone and fight against another bot with the aid of a randomly chosen partner-bot. It should be great fun.


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