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found this site and started to look around. It was like coming home!

Projects in the works.

Phelan's rebuild. Phelan was my first bot. 12lb class walker. some things i missed along the way like supporting both sides of an axel near a pully.

Garm Garm is going to be a 55lb walking combat bot for the iHXRC in chicago. Basicly im taking lessons from Phelan and making something bigger.

Fenris BIG walker for Battlebots or Robot Wars. Frame is made but is waiting on other projects to get finished.

Billy Box 2.0 The NERC's combat arena. The new Arena will be 16'x16' and be 9' high. Its not a robot but i does have a life of its own.

Chrobbot 12lb wheeled combat bot for the CJRC and the iHXRC events. Built for and with my nephew.

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