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Hi friends, I am Jayakrishnan, an INDIAN robotic enthusiast currently working as India director of Energid Technologies. My favorite domain is embedded technology with a special interest in ROBOTICS AND MACHINE VISION. The latest project I have worked is a 6DOF INERTIAL NAVIGATION SYSTEM using MEMS Sensors. Please Visit my ROBOSHOP.There you can find few exciting robots like LIZARD 2000,CRAB 2000 and few other wonderful toys and instruments COMPLETED:- 1)Crab 2000-six legged walking robot 2)Lizard 2000-tripod wall climbing robot 3)Audio&Video sensitivity meter cum plotter 4)High power low cost refractive telescope 5)6DOF Intertial Navigation System(Also known as IMU or INS) 6)Automated cradle 7)A 7DOF Novel Robotic Arm UNDER DEVELOPMENT:- 7)Universal vegetable processor 8)The second generation of Crab 2000 with a hand to grab things IMPORTANT NOTE: NOW FOR ALL TYPES OF ROBOT KITS, SERVO & CONTROL ELECTRONICS KIT, SENSORS,SPARES AND CONTROL & SIMULATION SOFTWARE, JUST CONTACT ME (INDIA DEALER). email:, Ph: +91 92494 94333

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ROBOTICS IN INDIA:-Robotics in INDIA is still at its infancy .But I am sure that there are few who can certainly play a vital role to come out of this situation. What we primarily need to undertake this task is to have frequent interaction and sharing of knowledge. Secondly we need to have more number of robotic contests ,seminars and workshops to be organized and conducted. There are a lot feilds here that can seek the help from robots like 1.MEDICAL ROBOTS 2.MARINE ROBOTS 3.UNDERWATER ROBOTS(India has got one of the biggest coastline). Also recently Indian space research is undergoing a lot of development and this is another area where MOBILE ROBOTS and WALKING ROBOTS can be made use of. Any why yet another type of robots are the "WALL CLIMBING ROBOTS". In this area, I have made India's first wall climbing robot with sucker feet inyear 2000. Its name is LIZARD 2000

Lizard 2000 is a tripod wall-climbing robot. It can hold on to the climbing surface using it's suction feet. Each foot has got two degrees of freedom and the whole robot has three degrees of freedom. The robot can be controlled in real time basis through user interface. The control structure has only one level and is implemented using 87c51 microcontroller the robot can be used as a platform for fire fighting,window-pane cleaning etc.

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First INDIAN Hexapod:-Crab 2000 is a PC BASED WALKING ROBOT with six legs each of having three degrees of freedom. It designed to select the walking gait based on the features of the terrain on which it walks. The robot is capable of detecting the obstacles along its path and can change its walking gait from high level control or by user interface. VISIT certified others as follows:

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