20 Aug 2002 robodave   » (Journeyer)

Uhh, diary? What's that? Something tbat should be regularly updated? Maybe I'll learn that eventually. Let's see, another Roborama, definately wasn't prepared, cool robots there. Some Austin guys came by, one had a really cool kind of trolley advancing biped. One "foot" would bear dowm under the weight of the batteries/processor while the other swung around. The barreries/controller would then trolley over to stop on the other foot, dropping it while raising the former, pretty cool. And the awesome running of Dave Andersons 2 wheel balancing Nbot. An autonomous Segway essentially. Simply amazing watching it make it's way across the course. Lotsa good competitors. Another Robothon, wasn't ready then either. But more cool robots, a little tiny (about a cubic inch, maybe a little more) M&M color sorting robot, sorting them into piles all day. Lots of minisumos, sumos, line followers, floor excercise robots. Another DPRG Tabletop contest, Sarge no longer reigns supreme over the minisumo ring of Dallas. So I guess I gotta build another one.. And get ready for Roborama September 21. And figure out the new IsoPod I've been playing with.. And try out the STK500 I got. Amd make a biped.. and.. What was I saying about writing in a diary again?

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