16 Oct 2001 robodave   » (Journeyer)

Ya know, I really should update this more. Been through the Roborama 2001b and Tabletop contests, built 2 new robots, and have been trying to get a simple AVR circuit working. At any rate, recently was the 3rd Tabletop contest for the DPRG, had a lot of fun, and even did well! I need to remind myself to quit trying to get the robots working the night before the contest. Sarge won in the Minisumo contest, luckily this time since there was some pretty stiff competition. New robot Stingray even won TT Quicktrip, though the IR sensors were picking up all sorts of wonderful noise from the flourescents at BPI. Didn't even try the Line following, as I knew that Stingray was just a bit too fast to reliably stay on the line.

About Roborama, new robot Scooter did ok, but showed those programmed-the-night-before actions. It almost worked in line following, wasn't even going to leave that line, bounced a wall in Quick Trip, and finally finished T-Time, also with a wall touch. Definately needs work, especially if the CanCan contest is to be attempted. But Scooter is definately a pretty good base, Stingray might need some improvements (perhaps a hard drive platen for a base?)

Over the summer, got to visit the MIT Leglab in Boston, really cool toys, even some pics! And have been trying to update the DPRG contest pages to help Eric some. Feel a bit inadequate to the webpage stuff, but will also be trying to get some picture pages together for the 2 Roboramas this year.

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