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Ok, here it is, just a few days before Roborama, and I've been dragging my feet getting something together. So over the past few days I've been putting a NEW robot together, instead of improving the old ones. The whole idea behind building a power booster was to give Robosnail a kick in the pants, a little more speed with a little less weight. But that's been sort of abandoned in favor of building a new one with (drumroll) Billy Bass motors! The platform is there (small sheet of plastic), battery is on the underside, motors with wheels mounted, little rear castor mounted, Homebrew Basic Stamp 2 mounted, IR sensor mounted. It feels pretty fragile, but it should work. Don't ya just love super glue, velcro, a few small bolts, and PC mounting standoffs? Need to solder leads to the motors to connect to the h-bridge (754410) to be mounted, get the cheap sonar circuit together (a few transistors and parts to drive a camera pull sonar board), check out the line sensors. And write a little code. How will left/right IR proximity detectors, left/right line sensors, and the not yet finished sonar work together? (may skip the sonar) How to make it look pretty instead of a mass of wires? (may just decide to frighten small children) Think I'll call it B-B- Bot maybe, at least until a better name comes to mind.

Things to come: finally have what I believe to be the appropriate parts for a voltage booster, but need to take the time to wire it up. Trying to boost 20 volts to 36 with a 400 mA or more draw, using an LM2577. It'll hopefully give a little speed to Robosnail in competitions. Also need to put in pull-ups for the LM339 for Sarge that I forgot. (oops). And wire up the interface for the camera sonar board sometime soon. And learn more IntelliCAD. And try schematic of more than one chip on Eagle.

Observed: Those cheap ($25) new Devantech sonars look pretty cool, but about a third the range of a Polaroid or hacked. IR is iffy in the flourescent rooms, even with the modulating detectors, might try some exposed film or remote covers on next DPRG trip. Big PID discussion coming to an end on SRS list. Position control, yes, using locked antiphase PWM. Got new toys, Pittman GM9234C212-R3, but need to make sure what 500 cpr encoder is on them as well as possible over torqueing of gears.

Man, long entry, but hopefully a start.

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