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ROBOTmaker is a part-time project in the development of micro sized robots and mechatronic solutions for university / college research projects, robot swarm projects, robot clubs and hobby robot enthusiast.We specialises in the design, development and manufacturing of industrial, educational and hobby based robotic & mechatronic solutions.

We also develop 360 degree or 180 degree multi- function programmable sensor modules for mechatronic, Adruino or robot project where you need interactive object sensing, ambient light sensing and inter-device communication for you mechatronic or robotics projects.

With a simple 3 pin RS232 serial interface, these modules can be connected to your Arduion project or PC/MAC, enabling object or obstacle sensing, user gesture sensing, infrared remote control of electronic devices, simple IR interactive communications between devices and directional ambient 'day-light' sensing (e.g. for photovore & photophobe experiments)

The IRCF360 is great for robot gaming where inter-robot communication is required e.g. robot tag, strategic robot battle games, maze running, Robot Sumo competitions, biomimetics & insect navigation behaviours, etc, offering you a totally new dimension to your robotics gaming experience.

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15 Nov 2003 (updated 14 Feb 2009 at 08:57 UTC) »

On 1st May 2004 - The infrared control Freak - Light version was lauched. This is a new programmable sensor with , 5-in-1 multi-functions and IR control module.

  • 180 degree infrared proximity sensor,  with distance indication

  •  Infrared  Remote control*

  • Directional 'day-light' sensing function

  • Infrared Transmission* 

  • Infrared Beacon 'homing' Function

This amazing device has 180 degree IR proximity detection, Infrared remote control, infrared beacon sensing, Infrared transmission, Fuzzy logic output. On-top of all that, we have squeezed light-sensing functionality into the module; provided by two cadmium sulfide (CdS) photoresistor sensors for additional dynamic 'artificial life' and robot gaming dimensions.

The IR-Control Freak sensor modules are basically 'plug & play', meaning you just need a 3 wire serial interface between your robot controller and Infrared control freak. Most robot controllers already have a built-in command set to receive and transmit serial data, enabling you to be up and running very quickly.

The IR Control Freak is a fun way to understand how to interface microprocessors together. you can control the IR Control freak with a PC, Basic Stamp, MEGAbitty, PICAXE, ooPIC, Handbaord, Cricket, Lego RCX, Microchip PIC, Tiny Pod,Basic X24, etc.

It is designed to offer a new dimension to robot gaming such as robot tag, strategic robot battle games, maze running, Robot Sumo competitions, Biomimetics & insect navigation behaviours, etc

The Infrared Control Freak module is controlled via a simple serial interface to a robot controller (e.g. basic stamp), where proximty information is decoded and sent to the robot controller. Other commands are available for sending IR pulse for robot tag games, or IR remote control, IR Beacons, etc.

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9 Aug 2003 (updated 14 Feb 2009 at 09:00 UTC) »

If your are associated with a college and are interested in beta testing our products then Email:


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