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Hi All,

I also was shocked by the trade tower bombing. I thought our training program was far enough along that we had sufficient manpower to protect ourselves. I also thought that the Moslems had a civilization and that only a tiny fringe was insane or erratic enough to violate their own commandments against killing. Obviously I was incorrect.


I have made substantial progress on the resources issue here locally. A local group of businessmen is working with me to setup some cottage manufacturing capabilities. We have an approximately 20?30X100?200 sqare feet plus a local buddyy of mine has been colllecting and refurbishing heavy duty work working machine tools.

I have started getting the carport sorted out into a sewing machine area in one end along with my mom's automated sewing machine I should be able to put some high quality emblem patches on the internet marketplace soon.

I have also found several useful ocmponent attached to spent water bottles and have begun purchasing these consumables so that recycling adds to my compopnent's bin.

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