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Kiryu on working Al Exellent information regarding aluminum construction, plus or minus one entry. JB weld for aluminun.

I am now considering two different concepts from the preliminary previously discussed (sorry I think it is not posted yet, I will try to rekey the information I lost and get it into the project page.

Basically the initial concept was looking at a robust microrover with wireless link to the interact and a remote supercomputer if I can get beawolf working on our local net. Speaking of which, I will be traveling for a couple of weeks so entries here will be sporadic. At least when I get back to homebase my brother will have our cisco router and subnet up and running, then I start doing conceptual work in 3DSMax models so I can animate the expected motions of mechanical components.

The two new easier prototypes I am considering to get started effectively consist of:

Collecting Human Factors and Interest Information

A wagon and some talking toys for my neice and nephew. They are approximatley 2nd graders and the research requirements for this prototype assembly will be to determine the range of capabilities on board to retain the child's interest. By going with an unpowered protoype and requiring the child the pull the wagon along if he/she want to we eliminate the potential risk of the child feeling trapped or spied upon by their esm (star mule extraordinary) companion. The final unit must incorporate the features demaned to maintain the child's interest. We should also leave the tow bar/handle/leash function so that if the self motivation energy is running low the esm with its load may be pulled by its human owner or a truck as appropriate to the unit's size and function.

I think that much of this information should be very similar for similar robuts. Since my niece and nephew are in Texas and I am usually in Idaho or Oregon I will probably look around online to see if I can find information that is applicable without doing all my own research.

Developing Some Personnel Skills and Understanding of the ESM Line Functional and Manufacturing Requirements.

Use some tin snips and steel edges and hinges to create tiny robot parts out of recycled aluminums cans and plastic. The unit should be big enough to use an onboard electronics package in common with the entire mid section of the final line. (child buddy to light industrial or packpack). This should allow me to build a unit large enough to use cots (commercial off the shelf) for the electronics components.

sashi ono Sound like a good cheap prospect for some electronics for my prototypes. Might be a bit expensive in the long run for the lighter units in the toy/domestic market.

kerap Hi kerap, I hope things are going well for you. I had a successful meeting with my sponsor and some of his associates (I have been sponsored to study open paradigms as applicable to long term commercialization potential by my brother.) He has no personal interest in robotics at this time but he agreed that participation here might be a way to get in on a leading technology edge if robotics go small and cheaply mass produced soon. If you would like to discuss your resource problems further in private feel free to contact me at mri_icboise@surfbest.net or lazyquasar@yahoo.com I cannot guarantee a response at this time since I do not seem to be recieving any messages at these two addresses other than cc material self addressed for recordkeeping and filing processes. If you put a paragraph or two in your diary here ocassionally I shall eventually catch up with it. I am sorry but if I do not hear from you within a few weeks then I feel the most appropriate thing for me to do is decertify you. I wish you luck in future endeavers, perhaps we shall cross paths again. I hope so, we really need some small cheap robots and low end low cost prototyping by interested people seems to be the best way for the field to advance in ways useful to small open entrepreneurs.

Further information on these concepts is available at:

lazyquasar@yahoo.com open space entrepreneurialism

advogato.com Online community for Open/Free developers.

gnome.org This open source software NPO has a working model set up showing how a large and growing online community sharing common interests can organize and government themselves for the benefit of larger projects.

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