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WhoPhlunPoo on certification wpp I think it would help some people get certified if they told us what they are interested in and posted any link useful online articles or papers they run accross.

At advogato where I am a vocal and very slippery but fairly slick paradigm of advocacy for freeing commerce so we can get some money for goodies, I found that making at least a small entry each day got me noticed. This signt is even better, link to a few sketches scanned in or diagrams on a home page at yahoo is a pretty cool way to exchange information. I think anyway, I am kind of new to the internet scene. Maybe everybody already knew that? Sorry! Some of us older dudes are pretty busy but can answer specific questions pretty quickly even if we do have to look it up after 20 years of project managment. : ) Does everybody here know how to use google? Realise that they can get downloads that read PDF papers put out by professionals at MIT, Nasa, private industry, etc.? I hope that does not sound condescending, it took me 2 years to learn how to use a wordprocessor and a spreadsheet after the six months it took to get the purchasing paperwork signed and processed. Worth it though, my next cubicle buddy at Edwards AFB, Ridley Mission Control Center used to do signal processing to find calibration settings for the analog tape drives a couple of times a year. Our processing data dropouts were far fewer after we had our zenith 100 (8086) online. lol kerap What kind of resources do you need kerap? I used to scrounge pretty good at Edwards AFB maybe if we discuss it back and forth here some of our buddies here will help us out with some ideas. It is amazing to see what 3 or 4 people can come up with in collaboration. We must have a couple hundred people here. Somebody will have an idea we can use if we listen intently. Take care guy.

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