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I am working on a microbusiness plan and model at Cargo Imports as part of the Lunar Boom Town study project. The study subject is a mass produced robotic cargo carrier specialized for one way payload to the moon. Payload is maximized by maximizing the salvage value of the Lunar Insertion Stage (crash lander) and the Cargo Soft Lander by constructing them of recyclable elements and components in demand in lunar free markets. I may include robotic warehouse at spaceport at both ends of the cargo leg. I am going to storyboard the whole process by using youtube clips and produce one or two stills and clip segments myself. I am sort of doing a virtual systems engineering project for a robotic cargo cargo. A virtual robot or vapourware. 8)

I am also going to try to cast and machine my own parts for a Estes style model of the virtual robotic carrier. I expect to make a few nickels by returning whole al cans to store while melting down crushed ones for aluminum. I will do some sample economic calculations using estimated electrical consumption and cost of manufacturing green sand casting box, stainless steel melting pot, and pattern.

I suppose I could attempt to sell the model on EBay after test flight for materials analysis or failure analysis.

It would be slick if anybody is interested if some robotics got added into the budding venture plans. Never can tell. We might come up with a viable micro cottage manufacturing variant applicabe to garage hobby or startup here on Earth.

It would be nice also if some of you guys did some of your common efforts at a robotics department, project, course, or task at Wikiversity to add to the free engineering commons design and manufacturing specifications available. We are trying to learn what ground rules and web techniques work for various R&D types of efforts. Wikiversity would benefit immensely if you share with us what you need to collaborate effectively online in pickup teams. We are starting to attract some serious academic and professional scouts so some of you might find access to certain types of pickup expertise or casual chit chat focused on the specific design task you face useful.

Just imagine an open/free specification robotic manufacturing line controlled by a network of "One Laptop Per Child" computers carving doodads for sale to wealthy knick knack collectors on EBay.

Search on Robotics on Wikiversity.

Elasticity may be useful to anyone pushing materials performance envelope.

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