15 Nov 2005 rex   » (Journeyer)

Raw materials, Parts, and Tools

Been strolling for excercise along local highway. Picking up litter, nickels (OR refund Cans, uncrushed), metals (lead weights, crushed aluminum cans), and larger salvage.

Recently found a lawn mower which I am tearing down and perhaps rebuilding for educational purposes. Found a truck drive shaft .... when I get access to a decent lathe might be able to make something of it ... or perhaps slice it in cross sections for wheels???

Started selling stuff at a local flea market. Getting back into rocks in a variety of ways. Have a local supplier for slices of low grade gemstone which I hope to use to create artwork or christmas decorations which people will buy. To fill table out I have been buying and reselling stuff as well as selling salvage computer software, cables, open source apps, and my own software production.

Gotta go, later fellow robotics lovers.

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