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Come on robotic face, give me your best look :D

15 Apr 2006 (updated 15 Apr 2006 at 17:13 UTC) »

Yet working in Robotics and J2EE... an entertaining and exciting combination so far :).

We are now running several projects: the Humanoid Group is working in a project, the InfoSpot Group is publishing content from time to time and we are studying a couple of commercial projects that could be marketed in 2007 or 2008... who knows, maybe the next Robotic-hit is in the RoboticSpot workshop (talking about optimistic team projects) :D.

10 Aug 2004 (updated 20 Aug 2004 at 21:25 UTC) »

At last we recovered our english section... we had to wait for the summer in order to get enought time, please have a look at it and don't hesitate to contact us if you fell like it at informacion@roboticspot.com:

http://www.roboticspot .com/en/

5 May 2004 (updated 31 Jul 2005 at 19:03 UTC) »

Working in a project related with Humanoid Robotics in the Humanoid Group at the RoboticSpot Robotics Team.

5 Jan 2004 (updated 7 Apr 2005 at 22:10 UTC) »
RoboticSpot.com is according to Alexa the most visited web site about "General Robotics" not only in Spanish, but in any given language.

Note: Alexa is not a "very accurate tool". But well,... better than nothing :)

8 Dec 2003 (updated 7 Apr 2005 at 22:08 UTC) »

A list of the last conferences, seminars and presentations I lectured this year:
Universidad Alcala de Henares
Universidad Politecnica, 2003.
France (PlaneteScience)
Lets go for the next year :)

25 Nov 2003 (updated 25 Nov 2003 at 18:13 UTC) »
RoboticSpot.com gets 2.000 unique visitors a week, it is the most visited web page about robotics in Spanish.
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