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today, i began construction on a robot...not a line follower, as you would think from my past entries, but the :Herbie: schematic... It has come along nicely, and finally,IT WORKS! i made a reverse circuit,(to switch from photovore to photophobe) and i'm thinking of looking more into those beam robtics websites, and i think its awesome that a roboticist can get :inspiration: from insects, and stuff that normally gets squished when we se them. NEXT PROJECT: line follower,(could use already finished :herbie:(i call him :firefly:,though) or some kind of sumo(with not so complicated touch switches and things like that, b/c i don't have the budget for a BASIC kit)

Does anyone know where to find the chip used on beam robots without having to go through an online store? possibly electronic device hacks(vcrs, tvs, stereos?)maybe? and also, where can i find motors with good speed, but higher torque, without having to buy expensive rare-earth magnets? ANY information on hacks, or free stuff websites, or even, dumpster diving, would b greatly used and appreciated... -PyRo$k83R

I have been researching balancing robots, line followers, and autonomous robots all day long(since 10:17 a.m.)(it is now 2:51 p.m.) i would appreciate advice regarding line following plans and schematics. -PyRo$k83R

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