15 Dec 2005 psychlotron   » (Master)

For the next two quarters I have a Design Lab class which is a Senior project for the Computer Engineering Technology Degree at my school, Shawnee State University. In case your wondering, Computer Engineering Technology is a blend of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. It's a really good mix for robotics, which is why I chose SSU. Anyway, I'm going to do a wi-fi controlled robot that I've dubbed "Wibot". My plan, for now, is to use a mini itx board (easy to add storage and wifi) for the main controller and atmel chips for pwm and sensors. I'll probably use some flavor of linux for the os and make a user interface with glade. For locomotion I'm working with a 3-wheeled dc-motor controlled system. That may change, though, as I am very interested in using a dual tank track system. If anyone has ever used wifi to control a robot I'd appreciate suggestions. I'll get a project site up soon with more details and pics.

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