4 Jan 2004 plasma16   » (Observer)

Building a robot for the upcoming competition in my uni, it's a line following robot with a grabber. The theme is LOTR, the robot will grab the "ring" which is stored in a cylindrical container, and drop it at the Mordor Zone.

I've built my robot out of mostly common items which u can find in the hardware store and tried it in the track. It worked perfectly fine. Though it is fully non-feedback, the timing adjustments allows it to "destroy" the ring everytime.

Uses a twinmotor gearbox for steering and 2 motors for the grabber arm. One to grab the object and another to raise it. The microC that I used is the basic PIC16F84A programmed in assembly.

I fixed 5 IR sensors for the line following and junction sensing as u need to count the junctions to turn at the correct position. But only use 3 sensors for the operation as it proves to be more stable in following the line as well as counting the junctions.

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