9 Jul 2005 phillysteak527   » (Observer)

We'll it all stated when i was building a robotic tank today becuase i'm waiting for the parts for my robo-one robot to get delivered. Imade the tank capable of shooting 6 mm plastic bb's. It's still having some trouble shooting at far distances so i think i have to make a capacitor array, it will eventually burn out the motors but hey, it'll work, and probably hurtif you get hit. But I was thinking, if 40 roboticists got together and each built a simple robot to perform a task,and mass produced them. Then you'd have an army of robots,then the group of people could take over a small country.then after that they could increase their army of robots and then take over another country. Rinse lather and reapeatlol. But eventually the army would be big enough to mount an assault on bigger countries. And then eventually that goup of 40-50 people could take over the world. just a thought but i'd be the first volunteer for this expedition.

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