12 Aug 2006 phillysteak527   » (Observer)

Well it's been a while. I'm on summer break from school, which isn't much of a break because i'm either at work, or at home working on some stuff for the FIRST robotics competition next year. I sorta finished the robo-one legs. The only problem is that i could only afford cheap 10 dollar analog servos, which dont have enough torque to hold up the entire body, much less do acrobatic meanuvers. So for now i've put the project on hold. Right now i've been working on a robotic prothesis, and some stuff for FIRST like i said, both must be kept in secret. Sorry to anyone who wants to know more, but the prothesis is the basis of my new company, and the project for the FIRST competition could potentially put us far ahead of the other teams. At the moment I'm looking at a disassembled power supply and admireing the capacitors; which i hope to use in a coil gun, but thats for another forum :). I'm going to attempt to make a mini-sumo to settle a little bet made by the co-founder of our company, so i'll try to keep everyone posted. I'll most likely be custom machining everything, being the CNC mill in my basement is screaming "USE ME!!". I think i'll also make a custom PCB to house the PIC microcontroller, some people might say a 40 Pin PIC is overkill for a mini sumo. luckily i don't listen to those people :p. The pictures will eventually make it to the new blog, due to excessive spam i've had to make the blog private, sorry :(.

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