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finally finsihed the legs, the link above is for a pic. I hope to have a video soon.

9 Jul 2005 (updated 9 Jul 2005 at 20:53 UTC) »

We'll it all stated when i was building a robotic tank today becuase i'm waiting for the parts for my robo-one robot to get delivered. Imade the tank capable of shooting 6 mm plastic bb's. It's still having some trouble shooting at far distances so i think i have to make a capacitor array, it will eventually burn out the motors but hey, it'll work, and probably hurtif you get hit. But I was thinking, if 40 roboticists got together and each built a simple robot to perform a task,and mass produced them. Then you'd have an army of robots,then the group of people could take over a small country.then after that they could increase their army of robots and then take over another country. Rinse lather and reapeatlol. But eventually the army would be big enough to mount an assault on bigger countries. And then eventually that goup of 40-50 people could take over the world. just a thought but i'd be the first volunteer for this expedition.

we'll i ordered more screws from lynxmotion and i think i'm going to order some ebarings from them but not until i make the competition robot. This on that i'm making now is strictly for prototyping. But now i have to wait for my parts in order to continue working. I desoldered a 3 segment LED display so i'm going to figure out the wiring pattern so it'll display the numbers 527. But it's trickeyer than it sounds

The pic of team 527's competition robot are up, pics of my robo one robot will be up soon

We'l the torso housing is complete and i'm starting on the legs, it's a little bit wobbley so i've decided to work out all the kinks on this model and use it as a prototype, i'll build a final competition model later. And then if i have 2 i can test tactics before i go to the competition. Sorry but it's taking me a while to get pics on my site, it'll be a few days because i have to find the drivers for my camera, Maybee it's time to clean my room,lol. U'know what this site is missing, a discussion forum, that way we can ask questions, help otehr people, and just talk about robots in gerneral. Thats my 2 cents.

30 Jun 2005 (updated 30 Jun 2005 at 14:12 UTC) »

I'm a journeyer, horay!! *throws confetti, now down to buisness. I ordered 2 more servos, a gyro from paralax, and i'm trying to get some muscle wire to articulate my robots hands. but it's pretty expensive and the only stuff i can find comes in a variety pack and costs about 100 dollars, if anyone knows of a place where i can get just a pack of a single sized muscle wire please email me at phil@familyaffairdist.com , thanks

O and i finally created an account on geocities and it will have pictures soon

looks like alot of new people are joining the site!! Thats awesome i think this site is a great place for engineers to meet. Anyways I finished 2 of the 20+ brackets i need to finish me robo one robot. So far i've made 3 test brackets, and 2 finished products, the right torso bracket and the right hip bracket, both of which have a servo attached and are ready for final drilling tomorrow, but it's just 2 to knock off my list, and now i need to buy 2 more servos, small machine screws, and 17 small round servo horns.

We'll it's been a little hectic with finals and all, just started drivers ed, and the budget failed which might mean that we won't have a robotics team next year. But i've finished my designes for the servo brackets and i have my 3 axis maxnc cnc mill making one right now (I <3 that machine). I think it's time to add some lubracent because i can hear it making some funky noises.

The aluminum sheeting for the servo brackets arrived today. I'm not sure which thickness i'll be using but i ordered 2 sheets of .032 and of .050. I started drawing out the blueprints and got the endmills for my cnc machine. I'm using a maxnc open loop cnc mill (<3). It's not the fanciest stuff i've done with it but it should provide a challenge being i've never used the machine to thread small holes.

We'll school is out, and that can only mean one thing. Thats right, EXTRA TIME FOR ROBOTICS!!! My FIRST robotics team is going to meet over the summer. I bought 17 hs-311 servos, a BASIC atom, and material to build a humanoid robot. I'll start posting my progress as soon as i start.

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