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July 13 04 well it's been awhile. I got sidetracked into melting metal and reshaping it with my borrowed dyna cnc mill. I've started building a small lathe and a pcb mill. we did get Jackies M&M bot done it is wired photophobic and I challenged the club to build a tabletop robot that drives off the table. Next month I will challenge them to build an edge detector so that it will stop when it comes to the edge. I have not done much with the 2dof headbot in a while and need to rework the walker some more.

April 8 last wednesday Dan Gates and I appeared on tech tv's screensavers show with our walking robots, and Dan had programmed Little johnny's new speech processor to bring in the show with Sarah. My walking robot wasn't even 24 hours old and it appeared on tv! it's a toddler knockoff using electrical parts from the hardware store. I havent made much progress on the 2dof headbot but will work on it this weekend.

Mar 13 worked on Jackies robot last night and discovered stripped gears in one of the motors. got two more motors and now remounting them. Jackie has done all the soldering on her bot. I built a BEAM headbot using a gearmotor from a panasonic slim cam and eye sensors from a computer mouse. today I will try a solar powered smart head with 2 dof.

feb 18 04 got jackies circuit working after finding out the diagram was wrong. works great showed it at the robot meeting now we've got to mount the wheels and motors and drill holes for the eyes and later I'll try adding a backup bump switch to the circuit Jon

Feb 13 setting down to help Jackie build a light seeking robot using an lm339 mounted in an M&M container with two gearmotors from wards camcorders

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