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Started construction of the robotic hovercraft prototype, based on Goldstein Hovercraft's RC GH-2, with NMI's Tini2131 (Philips ARM7 LPC2131) onboard, and a MaxStream 9XCite RF datalink to a PC. Additional robot components from Budget Robotics. PC software being developed using Linux (Red Hat 9). Embedded software being developed with Eclipse/GCC.

"The StatiC Compiler and Language" appeared in DDJ, March 2005. Article about TinC (Tiny, in C) - based on Jack W. Crenshaw's "Let's build a compiler" tutorial - to appear in C/C++ User's Journal. TinC released as open source.

Started work on a Generic Macro Assembler (GeMA). Initial target is Motorola's 56F83xx.

Massachusetts Robotics (online) group formed - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MassRobotics

Small C and Mobile Robots article appeared in DDJ, October 2004. "The StatiC Language and Compiler" to appear shortly.

2 Aug 2004 (updated 27 Mar 2005 at 15:34 UTC) »

StatiC Compiler, DSP demo bundle released

A compiler supporting both traditional sequential programming and Finite State Machines methodologies.

4 Jul 2004 (updated 27 Mar 2005 at 15:36 UTC) »

MiniPod TankBot article to appear in DDJ.

StatiC, a new dual-methodology compiler for embedded / robotics systems, is now in beta testing.

Completed MiniPod TankBot - Budget Robotics' TankBot Servo, fitted with sonar turret. Controlled by NMI's MiniPod, using Small C programming language.

Currently working on an autonomous tracked-bot (Budget Robotics Tankbot Servo), with scanning (servo-mounted) sonar.

v2.0 of the Assembler (DSP56800) now available - free for Academic use. See http://petegray.newmicros.com

Small C homepage moved to http://petegray.newmicros.com

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