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2 May 2003 (updated 2 May 2003 at 03:58 UTC) »

Put together a servo tankbot from budgetrobotics.com. Added bump switches and run it all with a pic 16f627 using C.

Took a bit to get used to interfacing with hardware in C. Time etc. isn't as simple as my previous experience (BS 2SX). But a lot more flexible.

Researching two or three things right now before the next step...

Need more sensors... SharpIR or Devantech Sonar? Haven't decided yet. Would like to dedicate one PIC to driving servos, one to brains and one to sensors and let them all communicate.

That brings up the second issue. How to let the pics communicate with each other. Am I being silly trying to put more than one chip on a bot?

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